Monday, February 4

Thank Goodness for a little power outage,  definitely made the Superbowl game I had been waiting all week for much more interesting. Anyways, I'm still very much in my hibernation stage and haven't felt like wearing anything besides sweaters and scarves. I'm starting to think I was only built for much warmer weather. I did make some banging wings and thought I could go all Pioneer woman and document it...and then I remembered that I wasn't Pioneer Woman.

Oh and yes, on a completely unrelated note, I'm also in this "I would like a dog but I know I can't take care of one" stage. Growing up I had Fanny. I loved Fanny, we would play Otis Redding (mum and her Motown) and she would dance to him (no lie).  When she disappeared (still unexplained), I think all of us at home cried for days. I was about 10 then and I still miss her. Anyways, my neighbor's pitbull is so adorable (Fanny wasn't one and I'm normally scared of pitbulls). Is it just me, or is this a beautiful dog- footnote: I have total and complete dog bias. Sorry my cat people friends.

Well, here's back to the grind. See y'all around.

Sweater- Joe Fresh
Scarf - Forever 21
Dog- borrowed (jk)

natural black hair kinky twist out curly afro naptural nappy 


  1. That pup is beautiful! I love the hair! I agree, the Super Bowl "power outage" was definitely entertaining, especially with everyone's commentary on twitter haha.

    I've gone through the "I want a puppy but can't take care of it" stage too. One day, just not any day soon haha!

    Happy Monday!


    The Kris Bliss


  2. *Your hair is looking super cute in all its glorious perfection.

    Love Scrapbook

  3. You look gorgeous in your cold weather essentials! I'm pretty sure I'm not made for cold weather, which is why I love Houston and keep fighting my urge to move to the east coast. I've been going through the same phase for about 3 years now, lol. I never had a pet growing up, but my ex used to have pit bulls, and I would hold them as babies (major considering my 20 year fear of dogs). I've wanted a puppy of my own ever since, but I know I really don't have time right now. Maybe 2014 will be the year :-).

  4. Totally love the hair....Any tutorials please?

    Happy Monday..


  5. You look so freaking pretty. I'll visit your blog whenever I feel the urge to loc my hair or get a relaxer. Yeah I'm having serious dog blues. However my apartment doesn't allow dogs & Im at work or in class 5 days of the week so no dog yet.

  6. omg your hair enough said just beautifulllllllllllllllll!!!

  7. You look adorable; I love the scarf & your hair is beyond amazing.

  8. love that scarf, and your twist out looks amazing as per usual.

  9. I love dogs over cats, anyday. The pitbull is beautiful. Please be aware of pitbulls, they are very protective of their owner and may mistake any movement by someone as an "attack". You should consider fostering a dog. It's great. I know here in California, I fostered a dog and was paid for it by the Rescue group. I wanted to adopt the white mix pit bull/bull dog, who's name was Arnold but my landlord did not allow such big dogs. Try fostering. You are not committed to keeping the dog and you are helping dog have a nice home until it's adopted.

  10. I just want to ask you where do you get your haircut. The shape is SO perfect!

  11. HOw gorge is that hair...... adorable dog as well

  12. love how you look in these photos. Your hair and that scarf! PERFECTION.

  13. You look so great! That dog!!! So pweeeeedy! I want to pet it! Your pics look SO good. What lens are you using? If it cost a whole other MAC book don't bother telling me lol.

  14. I'm here for your hair and the pup! Your hair looks amazing, and that puppy is tooooo cute!

  15. I understand what you mean by not being made for cold weather, you either love it or your don't. You look exquisite dear.

  16. Always so refreshing to see your smile! Happy Thursday <3 btw did you ever receive an email I sent about featuring you on my blog via a Style profile? I never heard back from you? You can email me at lagelle_fashion@yahoo.com if you are open to the idea. Thanx


  17. I miss Fanny too, did not remember the Otis Redding story just the fact that we used to feed him sugar and whisky LOL. He was too adorable, loved attention...and for a Cameroon dog that is very strange. I miss Fanny too


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