Wednesday, July 23

It's model Jodie Smith
Check out her insta here, it's never boring and she can't take a bad pic. 


Monday, July 21

So, I've had a minute to get completely settled in. Yeah right, my unpacked suitcase is still staring at me.  I have no idea why I hate unpacking so much, maybe it's cos I'm hoping someone would say there's another trip to take and I'll be completely prepared.

Anyways, my sleep pattern is pretty much back to normal and that's the best thing I could ask for leading into this week. This week on the blog will be dedicated to recapping Berlin. Today is the lovely people, faces, smiles I met. I have to say, one of the best things about traveling really isn't just the new sights and food, but the people

In my limited experience of 4 days in Berlin, one of the best places to people watch (shopping is secondary) is the MauerPark Flea which is held every Sunday.  It's massive, any and everything you may need or simply want can be found there. It had come highly recommended and was walking distance from our amazing hotel (Ackselhaus), more on Ackselhaus later. 

We also were lucky to get to Berlin at the height of one major and one less major event. First, the World Cup, which Germany went on to win (Congrats Deutschland)- so you can imagine the high energy, frenzy, euphoria that was in the air. And there was the less major but just as fun Burgers and Hip Hop Festival. A competition to find the best burger in Berlin. The hubby, myself, the lovely Australian Lucy (who decided to quit her job, sell her home, pack her gear and travel the world - not the last person we met with this story) and Sebastian of BerlinFoodTour (who had just finished taking us on food tour of Berlin) all decided we had just a little more room for Burgers and proceeded to stuff our faces until we could come up with a not quite unanimous winner. 

I could go on and on, for now, enjoy a glimpse into the faces we met along the way. 

And thats all for now folks.  More stuff coming all week long.
Have a Happy Monday and a Happy work week.


Friday, July 18

She's too good. She get's a second feature.
Tell me this song doesn't get to you.


Love this August 2014 Glamour Mag editorial. 


Tuesday, July 15

I'm back and there's so much to share. I thought I would have a chance during the trip to get all my thoughts in order and actually do some blogging. But instead, I was running around maximizing each day, returning to hotel room completely spent (in the best way). I've decided to recap my trip over the next three weeks, what I liked and loved. Where to stay, what to eat etc. Starting next week with Berlin. I hope you guys enjoy it.

P.S.  My schedule is so off, that I fell asleep last night at 6pm and woke up at 2am. I've never been this ready for work, all dressed up and everything so early. Maybe I'll just start going to work at 5am, feels kinda nice. But I know from past experience, that this will wear off really fast. IF ONLY.


Monday, July 7

I won't even pretend. It's an especially HAPPY MONDAY for me as NO WORK.
Still on vacay. Although, I can already tell it's going to speed by.
Wish we had nearly as much vacation time as our European friends.
I'm thinking I'll get some blogging done on train ride from Berlin to Copenhagen

Here's to a HAPPY week.

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