Monday, May 4

Spring has sprung and I'm rocking a ketchup Mustard combo. Go figure.
Anyhoo, we're finally where I wanted and I couldn't be happier.


Skirt Zara: $25, see my lust list pencil skirts here
Pumps: Zara
Blouse: Express 
Bag: Vintage Coach from Etsy (Ebay is another great resource)
Watch: courtesy of TheFifthWatches


7 faves for the next 7 days of the week:
1.   CB2 Acrylic Folding Table: $149
2.   Acrylic and Gold Stapler: $24  $21 on Amazon,  Also on OneKingsLane
3.   Karat Gold Clock: $49.95
5.   Brass Gazelle: $99 (15% Off for Students/Teachers)
6.   Norma gold task lamp: $330  $199  40% off
7.   Gold Heart Pillow: pictured sold out, similar on Etsy


Friday, May 1

Todrick Hall sings all 5 Beyonce albums in 4 minutes

A little different this time, no new artists, just some ultra talented YouTube stars (and artists in their own right). How do they do this? You have to watch both vids if you haven't seen em already, totally killing it. Amaze.

Superfruit (2 of Pentatonix) sing entire Beyonce album


Thursday, April 30

I can't be the only one who's noticed a massive change in Banana Republic. What a difference a single person can make, that person being Marissa Webb who took over as BR's creative director.
Styling is so much younger and fresher and I'm even excited about their accessories, talk to me about their new bags and these pumps.  Loving Marissa's influence over BR, can't wait to see more.


Tuesday, April 28

As seen on Instagram

Love the (1) Jamaican Castor Line from Shea Moisture, it has completely replaced the Raw Shea Butter Line which I swore by. I buy SheaMoisture products from Ulta as they almost always have Buy One, get One 50% off.

Funny that I was recently gifted the (2) Spin for Perfect Skin face brush as I was thinking I was due for an upgrade from my (non-exfoliating) washcloth. I've wanted to get a very popular one that's a tad pricier but now I don't think that will be necessary. Use Code 34CSpin to purchase for only $30.

More Shea Moisture but worth a  separate mention. The first I used this (3) Manuka Honey Hydration complex (not available at Ulta, try Target or Walgreens), I didn't wash it out and put way too much of it. I wasn't clear as to it's purpose and to be quite honest, didn't read the directions. The following times, I still left it in my hair (although directions call for it to be washed out), but I find that in the right amount, it makes my hair really soft, shiny and reduced frizz.  I'll be sharing an update in a few months, but so far, so good. P.S.  a little bit really goes a very long way. This tiny bottle could potentially last all year if not more.

I keep hearing how much better it is to have oily skin than dry skin, but on most days, when my face gets all shiny and greasier than KFC's double down sandwich I would beg to differ. I have tried soooo many different primers and powders and blotting sheets. I now have to just contend with the fact that nothing will work perfectly. Last time this year I used Black Radiance shine control primer, which still gets a recommend from me, but my new everyday mattifying, no shine primer award would have to go to (4) No. 7 beautifully matte primer

I've watched this brand grow from it's very beginnings and get better. Because I'm very much a creature of habit and haven't seen much reason to change or add things to my hair regimen, it has taken me a while to try out their new offerings. While there's tons of great products from Beija Flor naturals and I'd recommend you check them all out, the (5) Creme brulee for kinks and curls is the one that is sure to remain a staple for me. 

Anti-aging, yup, I've just started checking out all such products. Who really knows if these things work. Sometimes, I think it's just genetics. Anyways, considering how sensitive I am to many products, I'm happy to find one that isn't harsh, zero bad reactions and which makes my skin feel good.  I may need a little more time to speak fully on it's efficiency but this is a highly loved product by many. Full disclosure, it's on the pricey side, but TJ maxx hooked me up. Scooped 2 bottles of (6) Clinique Laser Repair at 50% off retail. 

So that's it, for now. I'll do my best to keep updating you all on what I'm using, liking and loving and sometimes, even though I never like to go negative, what's really not working.


Monday, April 27

Here's a tiny glimpse into what my Saturday looked like in a stream of consciousness kind of way: Get up at 6.30am, thinking, I should wash my hair, I should go to gym. Get into gym clothes, oh wait, there's dishes in the sink, gotta take care of those. While doing dishes, I remember, but wait, I was supposed to respond to some emails, shred last week's mail and organize closet. I get so easily distracted. Long story short, I never made it to the gym. 

On a positive note, I did meet up with my Study Abroad Paris mates - I love how we're still friends after all these years. Even when we haven't seen each other in ages, it's so fun. So much has changed in all our lives while so much has stayed the same.  I love sharing and hearing about everyone's personal and professional journeys and there's nothing that gets us more excited than chatting about past and future travel adventures. Friends are good for the soul. 

Jacket: Forever21 floral bomber, love it but also really digging this more luxe version
Necklace: Zara, seen here before
Denim Jumpsuit: Also F21

Pumps: Zara SOLD OUT, check Ebay or get similar here
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