Monday, September 29

Here's to a proper Happy Monday post. Sometimes, technology gets the best of me and I don't get to post when I plan on. To be quite honest, I'm terribly impatient with tech and when things don't work like I want them to, I throw a tiny little fit (or maybe a big one, depends on who you ask). I should hopefully sort it all out real soon, but instead of not blogging while waiting for perfection/smooth sailing, I'll keep on chugging along and hope no one notices the glitches.

Talking about chugging along, check out the watch Klasse14 sent my way. I'm really happy they decided to reach out on a collaboration. I absolutely adore their watches and the one I got came just in time, I needed to retire the other gold one I've been wearing for 3+ years now. So, if you like what you see, check back in Wednesday for a chance to win one for yourself. 

Outfit Deets
Bag:  Zara  from 4+ years ago
Pumps: Zara  seen here previously
Gold Watch: Klasse14
Necklace: Street vendor from eons ago  $10


Tuesday, September 23

You know her face
You love her freckles
Now go follow her page.


Here's a cool new discovery for me.  Daily Paper Clothing has apparently been around for a while but their previous focus was menswear. They only recently (as in the past month) created a small line for women. 
I'm a sucker for African influenced wear.

 and did I mention that the Men's line is pretty dope too.


Friday, September 19

Hands of an Artist - Reuben Reuel
So in awe of the Accomplishments of this man right here. I knew he was going to be doing bigger and bigger things. I remember even saying something like - don't forget the little people.  He's one of those truly genuine people and oh so talented.  Shouldn't be shocking that Cotton and their Fabric of our Lives campaign just launched a new ad with him. Watch video below and explore the world of Demestiks New York by Reuben Reuel.


Tuesday, September 16

Because I've been a Bad Blogger this Week
And because with 60 degree weather in NYC this morning, summer is pretty much over
And because I should have shared these sooner
Here are a few pics from this summer's AfroPunk Fest, courtesy of the hubby, 
who was able to grab a few stills in the short time he was there.

Sniff Sniff.  Summer, gone too soon.
Now let's talk boots.


Thursday, September 11

This Giveaway is brought to you Courtesy of AllenandFifth.
If you've been reading this blog for a while now, 
you know I've been rocking their stuff for a minute. 
See here and here.

I'm so happy that they have agreed to offer not 1, but 2 of you a chance at getting to know the brand.
Recently, they launched their first line of button down shirts which I rocked in this weeks Happy Monday post and I'm so happy to see the brand growing... I also have to share that the team behind Allen&Fifth have to be some of the nicest people I have ever met.  No lie.

Without further ado, as always I like to keep the giveaways pretty straightforward 
and there's no better tool than RaffleCopter for that.
Giveaway ends next Thursday at 11:59pm
Best of Luck ALL!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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