Tuesday, August 26

About Last night.
Some pics via insta.

Till Next year.


Monday, August 25

A weekend of color and fun
On Saturday, I wanted to make a quick run to Montauk but so many things happened that next thing I knew it was 1pm and a little too late for a Montauk drive.
Next, was an unplanned stop at AfroPunk, but then with some last minute changes, 
I had to leave almost as soon as I got there.
All that to say, that you can still enjoy a weekend even if it doesn't go as planned.
I did manage to finally purchase a second lipstick... trying it, seeing how I feel.

Braided updo via Youtube tutorial
Dress: H&M Fashion against AIDS collection 2010
Earrings: Forever 21
Bag: Zara
Necklace: street vendor


Friday, August 22

Hassle is a Swedish singer songwriter. I'm so surprised I hadn't heard of him previously. Think Prince meets Justine Timberlake. I'm totally addicted to this track "Pathetic".  It's just so good from the first listen, didn't even need warming up to this one. Why isn't he a bigger deal? Red floppy mop of hair and all.  Do yourself a favor and listen to Erik Hassle.




Friday, August 15

 This French Cuban duo (twins actually and only 19) comes to you guys courtesy of blog reader Melissa.
"I follow your blog and thought you would like this."
And she was right.
 I was initial caught off guard by the visuals in this video,
a little unsettling even, but I'm glad I kept on watching.


Thursday, August 14

Stockholm was indeed beautiful but I have to admit as it was the last stop on our trip, I was suffering from a little camera fatigue. It was the first time during out trip, that we decided to take an entire day without the camera, to just be and see. Between myself and the hubster, two people who love to capture moments, it was a little difficult at first, we were a little antsy- but I think it was for the best. We slowed down, we took our time, we stared a little longer, we noticed things we might have missed.

I  love returning from travel with memories in the form of pictures, but then you can't capture everything and there's so many stories and experiences that pictures can't capture. We still managed to sneak in a few and that's what I'm sharing now, just a few moments in Stockholm.


Wednesday, August 13

Image via NPR.com
  It's back.  Diner en Blanc (Dinner in White or White Diner).
A Parisian tradition that started over 25 years ago and has spread throughout the world.
Was one of the most fun nights I've had when I finally got to attend last year.
Looking forward to doing the same this year.
Check here for my post about last year's function and check out video below about the event.
If you haven't already, sign up here or join the waiting list to be a part of the show.

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