Monday, December 15

A weekend spent mostly indoors equaled perfect opportunity to share the rest of pics from Panama trip.

We spent the second half of our trip at the American Trade Hotel. We totally and completely fell in love with it, despite an unfortunate no water incident the second night there. The hotel was so nice they comped the night for the inconvenience, even though the water outage was completely out of their control. Now that's good customer service.

GIFT GUIDE: A few Cool Things

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3.  Pearl Box Clutch $59.99  extra 30%OFF with code HAPPYHOLIDAYS14
4.  Coordinates Bar Pendant   $36   $25 limited time
6.  Bing Bang Baguette Earrings  $68
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1.  Organic Thyme Honey from Stories of Greek Origins  $38
2.  Chevron Decanter   $58
3.  Lulu Townsend Animal Print clutch  $58    $19.94
4.  Nail it Bracelet (absolute fave***)   $25
5.  Gorjana No filter necklace   $48
7.  Five Organic extra virgin Olive Oil from Greece  $45
9.  Smokey Eye Set by TopShop   $44


Friday, December 12

Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au bon Dieu which shows the French can do funny so very well and don't really care about political correctness.
Season 3 of Veep which was better and funnier than ever. Julia Louis Dreyfuss as Selina Meyer is priceless.
The Knick which is probably the only reason I would consider going back to cable. More people need to please watch this gem.
Paloma Faith's Only Love can Hurt Like this- because it currently has the most plays and I dig it alot.
Big Little Lies because it was such a fun lighthearted pleasant surprise to read. I'm even excited about the possibility of a movie- although it'll probably not live up to the book....

I'll be sharing a few more of mine as we wrap up the year.
What are some of your faves of 2014?


Wednesday, December 10

She gives good face
Can rock pretty much any hair color
And is killing it with that middle pic haircut. 
Check out Natalie.


Tuesday, December 9

There's a reason Las Clementinas is the number 1 rated Panama City hotel on TripAdvisor, actually there's plenty of reasons. Some of the acclaim is due to their excellent staff who welcomed us seriously way way before our scheduled check in. We had already told ourselves we'd have to find some way to kill time, but considering how groggy I felt after the flight and how much I just wanted to shower, I was beyond relieved to find out that we were getting a room right away.

The best way I can describe the room besides expansive, which it really is, has to be comfortable chic, which interestingly enough is how I like to describe my personal style. Not at all fussy, but elegant. Super clean but not clinical.  It's the kind of space that you immediately feel at home in and that's something that is usually hard for me. It always takes a few nights when I'm away to get fully settled and to be truly comfortable.

Las Clementinas rooms are more like mini-apartments with a full kitchen, living room, balcony, garden downstairs and rooftop terrace. You're also smack dab in the middle of Casco Viejo, as we sat on the balcony, you can watch locals going on about their life, playing music (sidenote - Panamanians can party and the music goes on into the wee hours of the morning- loves it) having conversations and just great for anyone who enjoys people watching.

But I think what made Las Clementinas a place I won't soon forget is how connected and involved they are with the community. On our last morning while we were wrapping up brunch, we found out that the hotel not only hires former gang members, they also hold different gang prevention and intervention meetings and it was such a  beautiful thing to see. Into the restaurant walked about 30 young people and we watched while the Manager and all the staff spoke so passionately to these young people about their options and I wish my Spanish were better.  Even without understanding every word, I was so completely moved.  I felt like I had been part of something so much bigger and so much more authentic than so much of what I normally do on a trip.

So if you're ever in Casco Viejo, Panama City, even if you're staying somewhere else, stop by Las Clementinas for a drink or for a chat with their amazing staff.

Major thanks to Las Clementinas for hosting us.

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