Thursday, July 30

There isn't always enough time to properly get away. Most of the time all you really have is a day here and there and of course the weekend. I'm on a mission to discover more of New York State not just New York City. From Upstate to Long Island there's so much to do and just as important, great places to stay a night or two.

Hotel Dylan

Location: Woodstock, NY
Distance from NYC: 2 hour Drive
Rooms starting at  $189/night
Things to do: Bread Alone Bakery and Mower's Flea Market

Tivoli Hotel

Location: Tivoli, NY
Distance from NYC: 2 hour Drive
Rooms starting at  $210/night
Things to do: Antiquing and Dining at the Corner (Tivoli hotel restaurant)


Location: Montauk, NY
Distance from NYC: 2.5 hour Drive
Rooms starting at  $250/night
Things to do: Ditch Plains, Stop at Townline BBQ on way there and something sweet at Montauk Bake Shoppe


Can't wait, visit and use code SIMPLYCYN for 10% OFF


Monday, July 27

One of the many reasons I love Summer.
You don't need much and definitely don't need to spend much on something to wear.
Spent the weekend discovering the quieter streets of DUMBO, Brooklyn.


Romper: H&M   $17.99
Sandals: Zara  Seen here before
Sunglasses: Ebay


Tuesday, July 21

As mentioned in my what to pack post and on my Instagram, the Skyroam is one of my fave new devices and a new must for when I travel. Budget travel even recently named the Skyroam one of the 25 products every traveler needs.   So it was really nice that the good folks at SkyRoam agreed to sponsor this giveaway with 1 lucky winner getting to find out what I've been raving about.

So for those not in the know, a quick recap on the device:

What is it:
Skyroam is a global hotspot great for any frequent traveler who wants wifi on the go with no strings attached - no contracts, SIM changes, frantic calls to your carrier, roaming disasters or surprise fees.

How does it work:
You simply turn it on, activate service, connect mobile devices to your Skyroam network, and pay-as-you-go for each 24 hour day pass of unlimited data. Same reasonable price in all covered countries (over 60 countries in Europe, most of Asia, South Pacific, The Americas, and parts of the Middle East and Africa). If you need more day passes, simply log on to the portal to buy more.

What do you get:
One lucky winner will win get the device (retail value $124.99) with 5 full days of free wifi included.

So without further do, Enter below to Win:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Monday, July 20

I fell in love with this Yetunde Sarumi top as soon as I saw it 
and I started playing around with how I would wear it.
So here's the long and short of it.

Shorts: J.Crew
Pants: H&M
Bag: vintage Coach from Etsy
Top: Yetunde Sarumi gifted
Pumps: Zara


Saturday, July 18

Thanks Spotify new music Tuesdays for leading me to this 22 year old from Birmingham, England (yup another Brit) who from first listen shows alot of promise. 
Listen to Bang Bang recorded version and then check out Lawrence performing an acoustic version below. 


Wednesday, July 15

Recently, a few people requested that I share what/how I pack when I travel. I'm going to try to do just that.  There are of course a lot of variables when it comes to packing: length of stay, the weather, whether I plan on shopping at the destination.

One rule I always have for all my travel be it 4nights or 15 nights is to never carry anything bigger than a carry-on. For shorter stays, like a weekend trip, I sometimes go with a duffel bag.

Here are the things that have to fit into my suitcase. It's always some variation of the same, maybe a few extra or a few less.

  • Shoes: Because a huge part of my itinerary will be walking, I rarely if ever pack heels. My most recent trip, I packed a pair of chunky sandals which took up a bit of space but I just packed a little less of everything else. I usually wear the heavier pair of shoes during travel so as not to pack them.
  • A white Shirt: One of my musts. It always looks good, can transition from day to night based on accessories and doesn't take up much space. I usually pack 2 button down shirts
  • Dresses: Never anything too complicated and I try to avoid dresses that need serious pressing. Rolled up, I can fit 3 or 4 summer dresses.
  • A small bag: If I need a bigger bag, I carry it with me during travel. However, for walking around a new city, I like to be as unencumbered as possible, so I'll have a small bag that fits money, phone and ID.
  • Shorts: These don't take up much space and are a must for summer travel. I usually fit 2 pairs that can be rotated.
  • Jeans: Even in the heat of summer, I almost always pack a pair. Some summer evening can be quite cool and a pair of jeans come in handy. I usually travel in my jeans. Some people find jeans uncomfortable- I recommend a pair with some stretch in them or a loose fitting pair. 

  • Beauty: A small bag that fits mini sizes of everything I need.  I try to keep my routine to minimum when I travel. Priorities are my foundation/concealer and mascara. Not pictured are mini deodorant, toothbrush, razor and small spritz bottle to spray my hair with water. 
  • Tech: I'm lucky as usually the hubby carries the laptop (we got a macbook air and it makes all the difference). We usually keep our Nikon D3100 on us during travel and pack the lenses. Without a doubt, the most important recent addition and a must when we travel is our Skyroam. I mentioned the Skyroam on Instagram while traveling in Italy.  I can't even explain how in love I am with this device.  We love being connected when we travel and this little device makes it possible. It's basically a global mobile hotspot and you get access to wifi anywhere. Being able to use our phones, our maps, looking up yelp and facebook and instagram and texting friends etc was so very essential and it was nice not to worry about finding wifi. p.s. Stay tuned for giveaway to win one.
  • Small baggie: I usually save dustbags and reuse them when traveling for undegarments etc
  • Jewelry Bag: I love bracelets, earrings and all that jazz. I always try to be sensible and not overpack. In addition, jewelry is one of my fave things to buy when I travel, so there's no need to take too much.
  • Digital watch: I haven't worn digital watches in years- that is until I got this recent Void watch. I can read analog time and all, but because so much of travel is city-hopping and having all kinds of trains to catch, it's so much easier and nicer to have a digital. 

My main tip is to not try to pack everything and to figure out what you need at a minimum with a simplified outfit and beauty ritual.  The more I travel, the better I get at editing. Sometimes, I purposefully leave things out- giving myself an excuse to buy something new.

So, What is a Must for your travel bag?

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