Wednesday, July 25

So I have received a few emails regarding my hair for the most part and to a lesser extent, my general beauty regimen. I decided, what the heck, I'll just overshare. First thing I realized. I use a few more products than I thought I did. Second, I own 1 (one very lonely) lipstick. It's Tarte Lipsurgence in fiery. Third,...well, how bout we just see what I found.


I have a few more hair products than seen here. I use the Shea Moisture Shampoo all the time together with essential oils like tea tree and rosemary for my scalp. If my hair is particularly dry, then I'll use this DIY Whipped Shea Butter mix.


SPF ladies, and just cos you're dark skinned doesn't mean you should do without. I believed that for the longest time. I actually purchased Josie Maran's Daily moisturizer when I was going away for cruise as it is 40SPF and I read lots of good things about it. I usually don't spent too much money on stuff like that. It's been brilliant on my skin, hasn't caused any extra breakouts (other than the ones I hormonally get).
The Garnier dark spot corrector is a tricky one. I have been using it to clear up my acne spots> I dont know if I'm just dreaming it up but I really think its working. This is my 3rd tube which I have luckily been always able to purchase on sale. I did try Clinique's dark spot corrector and got an allergic reaction (shocking). So, I'm just happy this one isn't making matters worse.


I love all things CITRUS-y, hence the grapefruit soap and lemon body creams. I just purchased C. Booth Lemon sugar body lotion and I am in LOVE.  The Vichy is 50SPF for these 90degree plus days we've been having or outdoor (beach) days. I really like this one. It works and I haven't had a reason to try something else.


Have I mentioned how much I love citrusy scents? This Hesperides by Fresh is the only fragrance I have ever owned. I refused to buy perfume for years just found everything too heavy and I would actually get a sneezing fit around perfume counters.

Moving on, unfortunately not well photographed are my mainstay makeup items.
Black radiance mascara that I get for .99cents, and seriously the only mascara I use. I've wasted so much money on mascara that didn't quite grab my short and thick curly lashes.
I bought the blush cos I saw some girl of my complexion try it on and then I became a believer- dark skin girls can rock blush. It's only for the rare occasion though.
The other mainstays are my black opal cover and clear concealer, my recently purchased and loving HD powder. (I kid you not, my girlfriend saw me at the end of long workday and she commented that my face still looked uber fresh). Disclaimer: the small container is hard to use and can be messy. There's a bigger container but at time of purchase, I didn't want to spend too much (me and my frugal ways). Another tidbit, a little bit is all you need, if you overapply and you're of a darker complexion, you may end up looking a tad ghostly.


Who am I kidding? I notice my fingernails, twice a year and then I buy nail polish which I never use. I do like these colors I picked up and they'll work for my pedis. Oh and that little kabuki brush is from Ecotools at drugstores everywhere...super affordable and all you need.

So, pray tell
what do you use out of habit?
What do you use cos you think/hope its working?
and what do you absolutely SWEAR by....
Please share.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I use the same hair products! I love it! That whipped Shea Butter is my favorite. I put a few oils in there, but i want to try some newer ones, and when it's too hot i just use pure vitamin e oil as i hope out the shower. I'm learning now that all those lotions I was using before broke my skin down, once i started getting sun burned for the first time I knew it was something i was using. I went into a full blown rant the other day about blacks and sun protection.

  2. I just discovered the Shea Moisture products and I'm pretty happy I found them. I'll have to try to myself up some of the Shea Butter Mix one day. Thanks so much for sharing! I also wanted to thank you for reiterating the importance of sun screen no matter how light or dark the complexion.

  3. i agree with that mascara- I don't use that specifically, but that type of brush seems to be the key for 'afro' eyelashes.

  4. I once had a facial and they used Peter Thomas Roth Unwrinkle peel pads ( my face. I bought a container after that and continue to use the cleansing pads a few times per week. I love the way my skin looks and feels after using them. Like you, my skin breaks out more when I consume dairy, especially during my monthly hormone surges, and the peel pads help minimize the breakouts (though not eliminate them completely). I think they've also helped clean up some scars (though not quick enough for me!). I recently bought a groupon deal for 3 IPL (laser) treatments for my face. The first one helped decrease an age spot on my face and I'm hoping it will be gone completely after the next two treatments. Thanks for sharing your beauty products and asking others to do the same - I think most of us are always looking for something to work its magic for us!!

    1. i will have to try Peter Thomas Roth- Sephora here I come. thanks Nic

  5. I love this glimpse into your cosmetics cabinet! I never wear perfume, either. I get totally overwhelmed by the smell so quickly. I need to add more moisturizing hair products to my regimen. I've been so lazy with my hair lately. I'm really curious about the sun screen, too. I've been using Neutrogena face lotion with spf15. I like it alright, but I don't feel like it has any lasting power.

    1. and spf15 might not be enough as well, trying to have 30 or more. I know I read that somewhere.

  6. Hey! I wannna know more about the garnier dark spot corrector!how quick would you say you saw it working? and possibly pretty please before and after pics please!!
    Love your blog!

    1. I started using a while go probably should have done a before at the time. I have to say I think its very slow working but its the only one I'm not allergic to and I do see minimal improvements. I'll keep you update, let me give it another 6 weeks or so.

  7. Hey Cyn! Like you, i use Shea Moisture line and Shea butter with different oils. My tried and true would be Oyin Handmade products. Its nothing short of a miracle in a bottle and the smell is absolutely divine. My honey loves it. :)

    How long have you been natural?! You know how much i love your gorgeous hair.

  8. Hey, i really enjoy reading you blog and the different things i have dicovered here, keep up the good work.


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